Solar Velomobile

  • friendly
  • open
  • communicative
  • offers good overview in traffic
  • easy to get in and out
  • top and front weather protection
  • wheel and bottom splash guard
  • plenty of fresh air and experience of nature
  • sportive
  • large transport capacity

A new way of mobility

The velomobile is a sustainable alternative to the enviroment polluting concept of passenger car traffic. Most daily rides are short trips with only one person in the car. If you want to go shopping , the weather is bad, or the way is too long and too strenuous for using the bike, the velomobile offers a number of evident benefits.

Driving pleasure and physical activity

Nothing is more obvious than the combination of mobility and human activity. pedilio is set in motion by pedal force. The powerful electric motor amplifies your own muscle power many times and makes you adicted to more activity.

Energy independence by solar power

Consistent lightweight construction minimizes energy and resource consumption. In combination with solar cells, pedilio is independent of charging stations for the everyday short distances.

Deceleration of life to the human scale

Driving yourself and enjoying your ride stress-free is a valuable lifetime. This pleasant way of mobility stimulates reflection on the "appropriate" design of the human living environment.

Everyday practicality

With the comfortable cruising speed of 25 to 35 km / h you can easily master the daily trips to the train station, to your office or to school. The luggage box with textile cover easily accomodates the daily shopping and offers space for a beverage crate.

Weather protection and fresh air

The solar roof and the car body protect against rain and splashing water from above and below. On the sides, the vehicle is open, offers plenty of fresh air and nature experiance and above all allows easy access and exit.

Overview in the traffic

The driver sits at eye level with the other road users, has optimal overview and is well seen.

Four wheels for a sporty driving pleasure

The fully suspended chassis frame with the innovativ steering brings maximum driving fun. Despite its very compact design (length only 1.85 m, width 0.9 m), it has been possible to ensure optimal tipping stability.

No charging required

The electricity from the solar roof feeds the traction battery both while driving and when the vehicle is parked. Thus, for short distances of 20 to 30 km per day, the vehicle requires no further charge. With mains charging, this range increases by up to 120 km, depending on the battery configuration

Simple and intuitive technology

Using state-of-the-art technology for the chassis and electronics, attention was paid to the simplicity, repairability and interchangeability of the components. Contrary to the trend towards digitization, the digital networking of driving functions was deliberately avoided. For individual and free movement it is not necessary to depend on apps and data networks.