my motivation

Since the 80s, I am fascinated by  human-powered vehicle concepts. As with almost no other product, the bicycle is all about lightweight

construction, efficiency and reduction to the bare essentials. At that time I also was interested in the search for alternative energy concepts

and I realized that we have to use our precious energy efficiently.


In 1985, the participants in the "Tour de Sol" through Switzerland proved that a new way of mobility using human power and solar energy is

possible. It became clear to me that electric mobility in combination with solar energy could lead to a very fundamental change in the transport

concept, towards small, light, slow, un-aggressive and therefore safe vehicles.


Together with Detlef Schmitz, I participated in the World Solar Challenge in Australia in the 1990s with our self-constructed solar racing cars.

Although we were far behind the winning teams with our modest technical capabilities, it was an unforgettable experience for me to cross the

Australian continent over several thousand kilometers with our solar car only powered by the sun . At night, we camped in the bush and in the

morning with the sunrise we could continue our journey.


This experiance of independence through the use of sun energy deeply formed my way of thinking since that time. It is only possible to guess what

positive effect it would have on a society if it provides itself completely and independently with regenerative energy sources.


Thomas Viebach