When will pedilio go in production?



Delivery and testing of the first series 10 vehicles is in full progress. The production of further vehicles will take place on demand in a manually manufactured small series.


How much will pedilio cost?

 In the current tense political and economic situation, it is very difficult to make a reliable calculation for production planning. Nevertheless, we want to make it possible for people to become active right now in terms of climate protection and reducing their consumption of energy and resources.

All promises of low purchase prices in an industrial mass production would be unserious. Moreover, we do not want to flood the market with another mass-produced product of questionable benefit to the consumer. 


The target base price for pedilio in manual small series production is 10.000 € (plus VAT). The price can be adjusted by changing features like larger battery capacity, higher quality drive and circuit components as well as future variants of the weather protection.

This includes participation in workshop meetings, and the technical and rider workshops.


Is pedilio authorized to use bicycle lanes?

According to the regulatory for Europe there will be a pedilio version limited to 25 km / h (250 watts max. motor power and pedal support). This “Pedelec” class vehicle is considered as a normal bicycle (using bicycle lanes, no age restriction, no driver license, etc.) This may be different in other countries.


What is different for the 45 km / h version of pedilio?

 This fast version of pedilio is considered a light motor vehicle, European class L6e.

 For driving this vehicle you must be at least 16 years old and you are obliged to hold a driving license (European category M, for small motorcycles or higher).

 The vehicle needs to be approved and has to be registered with the small moped insurance license plate.

 It is not a bicycle and therefore not allowed to use bicycle lanes. This may be different in other countries.


Is there a two seater version of pedilio?

Today about 85% of all drives are short distance trips with only one person sitting in the car. pedilio offers to be a healthy and non-polluting alternative, consistently designed  for this use-case, following the example of the bicycle. A design for two persons would result in a significantly larger, much heavier and thus less efficient vehicle concept.


Is there a child seat available for pedilio?


In order to keep the vehicle compact, the transport of children was not considered so far. For now, I refer to the possibility to use a child trailer in combination with pedilio, as explained in the next point.

Probably there will be a few centimeters longer version of pedilio in the future capable to carry a small child or more luggage without compromising the light weight concept of pedilio.


Can I tow a trailer with pedilio?

      Bicycle trailers and especially children transport trailers are street legal in combination with Pedelecs up to 25km / h. The Pedelec version of pedilio, limited to 25km / h is considered a normal bicycle and can be equipped with a trailer hitch.


Are there side doors available for pedilio?

 No. In terms of good access to the driver seat in combination with the effectual weather protection, the sides of pedilio were designed open. Thus fogging on the inside of the windows can be avoided, without elaborate and energy-consuming ventilation. Also heat accumulation in summer is impossible.

 Using pedilio in conditions of normal rain and snow you will experience that shoes, pants, upper body and head will stay completely dry. For your exposed arms and shoulders we recommend to wear a light anorak. The windscreen of pedilio combined with your own muscle power heating provides very good protection against cold.

Due to strong wind, extreme rain or splashing slush, there certainly will be a few days in the year you better stay at home. All the other days you will enjoy fresh air, contact to nature and the experience of the seasons.

 In future, we will work on solutions for optional removable splash guards.


Is it possible to lock  pedilio?

 pedilio has two block-able brake levers for parking. The electronics are protected against unauthorized access by a key-switch.
For theft protection we recommend a simple bicycle or motorcycle chain lock. The luggage compartment is covered by a textile cover with elastic strap. Here, we think about an optional lockable flap in future.