The next steps for pedilio:

How can I participate in the test team of pedilio?

 The procedure for the test phase is based on the idea of community supported production, sharing of driving experience and collaborative optimization of pedilio.
Each member of the test team will provide partial payments for its own vehicle, according to the work progress and will be closely involved in the planning, production and testing phase. The vehicle concept will be constantly improved by deep exchange of user know how.

 If you are technically skilled and interested in this team experience, I look forward to your request.


Production start of the test series

After the successful start of the first prototypes and the positive response of the public at the events where pedilio was presented, the production of a first small series has begun.  The first 10 vehicles will be used to demonstrate the different equipment variants and the reliability of the technology used will be further optimized in the subsequent extensive test phase. At the same time, the start of the small series will serve to test the various production processes to be used.

Contacts to suppliers and manufacturing companies

We already started to contact potential suppliers who can fabricate and supply the parts, components and assemblies needed for the production of pedilio.
We are open for colaborations with companies busy with bicycle components, metal construction and plastics technology as well as in the field of drive technology and electronics.
We do not want to reinvent the wheel here, but are very interested in proven technology, in the use of off the shelf components, and we are happy to participate in "open source" development projects.

Calculation of costs and construction of a first small series for testing

In collaborationr with the suppliers the production costs for the first small series (for example 5-10 pieces) can be calculated.

Test phase

For the extensive testing of the vehicles we are looking for fault-tolerant and technically skilled "test pilots" for the use of pedilio in daily use. It's the task of the  first test customers and test drivers to detect possible teething troubles of pedilio and to support us in the product improvement.

Velomobile and solar mobile adventure tour

Together with the test drivers and other solar mobile and Velomobil users we plan to have a joint trip and adventure tour. This event should not be a race or competition. We want to experience the new way of mobility with pedilio. Deceleration, experiencing nature and sufficiency (= to get along with the resources available for all of us) should be in the foreground. Common, without escort vehicles we want to make a nice trip through Europe (for example, Switzerland, South of France, Spain ...). Without deadline pressure we will drive to interesting places, such as  farms for community supported and organic  agriculture, eco-villages and housing projects, companies for sustainably produced products, regenerative energy plants, etc.
Assuming that the first pedilios are ready for use, the trip could start in late summer 2019.

Series production and prices

For realistic statements about a possible serial production, it is still a bit too early today.
The price range for  comparable vehicles with weather protection roof, e-drive, battery, lighting, and solar cells is about 10.000.- €
Velomobiles are still a tiny niche market. The vehicles are produced in small series production in elaborate manual labor. That will probably be the case with pedilio in the beginning, too.
We will keep you informed  on the further plans
on this homepage.